Belfast's Thanksgiving Statue - Silver jewelry

Belfast's Thanksgiving Statue - Silver jewelry

Belfast's Thanksgiving Statue - Silver jewelry is a very popular design. Based upon the Belfast Beacon of Hope Statue our silver necklace is just stunning.

The Thanksgiving Statue is known in Belfast by many names and 'Nuala with the Hula' is one of them. This fine piece of solid 925 silver would make a stunning Thanksgiving, wedding, anniversary or everyday gift.


We are really happy with how our Thanksgiving Statue has turned out and the way that our customers are liking her.  Our necklace, charm or earring is made of solid silver and is hallmarked by the Assay Office to confirm that our silver meets the international standard.

The Belfast Thanksgiving Square was inspired by the Thanks-Giving Square Dallas America and the more details about this found at the following link

The Belfast story of the Thanksgiving Statue according to 'Wiki' is as follows: The Thanksgiving Statue is a £300,000[1] public art metal sculpture by Andy Scott 19.5 metres high[2] constructed in 2007[1] in Thanksgiving Square[3] in Belfast. As with other public works of art in Ireland the sculpture has been given several nicknames.

These include the Beacon of Hope, Nuala with the Hula (credited to Gerard Doyle), the Belle on the Ball and the Thing with the Ring.[1] It is currently the second largest public art sculpture in Belfast, after Rise on Broadway Roundabout.

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