Bridal Wedding Jewellery

Bridal Wedding Jewellery

Bride wearing I love you wedding jewellery Are you planning you special day and looking for quality, unique and local Bridal Wedding Jewellery? Here at NI Silver we specialize in making Northern Ireland's landmarks into hallmarked, quality silver and gold jewellery. We make necklaces, earrings, charms, lapel pins and cufflinks so you could buy items for all of the bridal and groom parties. We can also personalize some of our jewellery designs so please let us know your ideas. We offer you the chance to have jewellery which has a connection to where you live, were proposed at or perhaps even having your wedding at.  So why not have a special piece of jewellery that will always remind you of that special day? Please Contact us to discuss your ideas and how we can help you. All the best in planning your special day, it will be amazing. Bride jewellery gifts Silver and Gold Necklace Northern Ireland

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Carol Luetkehans

Oh my goodness, Ruth, the necklace crafted for our daughter is so precious. Thank you for hand delivering it to her in celebration of her first Mother’s Day. I love your work.

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