Bespoke Somme Cufflinks

We were asked by the Somme Nursing Home in Belfast to create some Bespoke Cufflinks as corporate gifts and together with the client we designed these Solid Silver Somme Cufflinks.

These cufflinks have the Poppy as their centrepiece with the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates of the Nursing Home spaced around the edges.

We created these bespoke jewellery pieces to have a ‘matt’ affect so as to be reserved and not too shiny.

Laser engraving allows for extremely precise detailing on these cufflinks and we have increased the depth that the laser cut to create this special and unique look for these bespoke cufflinks.

These lovely and special sterling 925 silver cufflinks are hallmarked with our own silversmith’s mark.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our unique jewellery and the way that our customer service adds to your experience of trusting us with your bespoke cufflink or other jewellery pieces.

Here is a link to the great Somme Nursing Home team.

If you are new to the joys of ‘Lat and Long’ here is a link to explain it.