Armagh Apple Necklace

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County Armagh is the Orchard of Ireland and is famous for its Bramley Apples, so we have made a solid sterling 925 silver Armagh Apple Silver necklace as part of the Northern Ireland (NI) Silver 'Mi-NI' collection. This Collection is where each county has at least one piece of jewellery designed to represent it.

Our Armagh Bramley Apple is approximately 1.5cm (H) by 2cm (W) and has a love heart enclosed within to symbolise the long relationship between Armagh and the growing of lovely Apples.

We also sell Rose Gold plated necklaces in the same design and they can be found on our website. 

The history of growing apples in Armagh goes back centuries and over 90% of the apples grown are the Bramley variety.