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We have created our Giant’s Causeway Silver Jewellery so people can wear their memories of visiting Northern Ireland’s North Coast and the beautiful UNESCO natural wonder that is the Giant's Causeway.

Each Sterling Silver 925 silver jewellery design is made from UK Sourced silver and once complete each piece is sent to the Assay office to be checked and then engraved with our hallmark.

Perhaps you travelled to the North Coast on a school trip or visited as a family crammed into an old car - but one thing is for sure, these rocks have played a part in a lot of our lives and have inspired awe and artistry over many generations.

We all have our own memories of visiting the magical Giant's Causeway.

What is your first memory of them? Was it walking down the long road down to the sea or perhaps riding in the minibus?

Maybe you clambered over the rocks as a child, covered in suncream and were excited at the promise of a 'poke' (an ice cream for our visitors) if you behaved yourself or perhaps some ‘yellow man’.

While convention says that the Causeway was formed from cooling lava from an ancient volcano, we all know the truth that it was actually built by the giant Finn MacCool after he was challenged to a fight by his Scottish rival Benandonner.

When the two were about to meet, Finn realised that his adversary was much bigger - and his clever wife Oona dressed him as a baby. When Bennandonner saw how large his foe’s ‘child’ was, he took flight.

Whatever you believe, 'lava or lore', you can hold the Giant’s Causeway close to your heart with one of our special pieces of hexagonal silver or gold jewellery.

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