Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

Where we work with you and your ideas to create unique and personal jewellery.

Ruth puts her heart and soul into her jewellery and every single piece, made by hand, using age-old techniques from ethically sourced silver or gold, has a story, much as our famous folklore is woven into the landscape here.

We can work with you to create your own special commission for you or as a gift, to tell your personal unique story, in any precious metal. Get in touch today by emailing to begin your journey and discuss your design.

Bespoke jewellery commissions Belfast Northern Ireland by NI Silver Jewellery, This shows a gold and platinum ring with diamonds, an emerald and a sapphire a beautiful ring commission.

Have you ever wanted a special and unique piece of jewellery but not known where or how to get it made?

Well, look no further as customer service is what we do and we want you to experience our warm ‘Norn Irish’ hospitality, wherever you are from and whatever you need. 

We can come to you if need be, indeed we have met clients on their boats, delivered jewellery to the airport for people flying out on business and had lots of coffee shop meetings so almost anything is achievable!

We have enjoyed lots of chats both in person and across the globe for our remote clients.

We will keep you involved throughout the design, making and the final handover processes. So why not take the plunge and get in touch.

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NI Silver Jewellery specialises in large corporate orders, made to an agreed budget and on time.  Relax we have your local jewellery gift order in hand.

Corporate Gifts

Each jewellery commission is an opportunity to learn about you and what is important to you. We explore through a series of meetings/chats what you want your jewellery to capture and how we can achieve what you require going forward.

Jewellery has the unique power to last across generations and to hold memories of those gone before. Anyone who comes to Northern Ireland can take a piece of it home with them, "a wee piece of home".

We would be delighted to help with your corporate gift requirements and can ship around the world (charges variable). So give your guests a precious memory of their time in Northern Ireland - they won't be disappointed. Personalisation also available.

We love taking people of a journey of jewellery design and creation, with them having their own unique jewellery gift at the end.

So let's start our journey together.

If you do want to commission Ruth for either your unique personal piece of jewellery or for a larger corporate order, just get in touch and get the ball rolling. Normal lead times are between 6 & 8 weeks, so the sooner you get in touch the better. If your order is urgent please let us know and we can discuss timescales depending on ongoing orders.

We look forward to meeting you.