Tourism NI Embrace a Giant Spirit Logo - NI Silver isa member of this programme.

Have you Embraced your Giant Spirit yet?

Challenge yourself to try something new and connect with the 'old ways' of our ancestors by creating jewellery rather than just buying it.

All this whilst making unique storytelling memories with your family, friends or by yourself and with us.

Go on and make some space for 'time out' time, you deserve it :))

(NI Silver is a member of Tourism NI's Embrace a Giant Spirit programme)

  • Giant's Causeway pendant made during jewellery making experience

  • A family's creation where they each have a pendant that fits into each others.

  • You can bring your own design and make it with us :))

  • Here is a leaf necklace and 2 snake rings

Ruth our jewellery maker smiling and looking at the camera.

Come and join me to create your own jewellery

Please have a look below at the different jewellery making experiences that we offer.

You book them directly on our website and if you have any questions just let me know.

I hope to see you soon.