Collection: Marble Arch Caves

Our Marble Arch Caves silver jewellery collection is shaped like water drops with stalactites inside them.

This collection of jewellery represents the UNESCO Global Geopark that is Marble Arch Caves in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland.

Made from solid sterling 925 silver these are lovely pieces of jewellery with a simple yet classic style.

Everyone remembers their first time going down into the caves, not knowing what lays down there and just how far it goes. Then you start to descend and the temperature drops sharply. The dark envelopes you and you leave the modern world high behind you.

Descending deep into the ground, you are enveloped by our land's ancient forces of nature and history and then you get into a boat; just wowee, try writing words to explain that.

This amazing network of caves beneath the Fermanagh countryside has been doing its own thing undisturbed for millions of years.  The ancient waters are still flowing across the limestone rock slowly creating the wonders on show for you today; as for the stalagmite and stalactites aren't they just amazing?

Superstition and fear kept the caves unexplored and in pitch darkness - until 1895 when two intrepid explorers disturbed the silence. Since that first beam of light pierced the blackness, the Marble Arch Caves have been awakened and are now ready and waiting for you, so go and visit them - if you dare.

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