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Scrabo Tower dominates the skyline around North Down and overlooks Newtownards. With breathtaking views across Strangford Lough and across to Scotland, on a good day, it is well worth a visit and it is only a short walk up from the car park.

We are making Northern Ireland's natural landmarks and architecture into jewellery so that people can wear their memories or send them overseas as a ‘Wee piece O’Home’ to relatives and friends.

Living close to Scrabo Tower it was an easy choice to make it into Silver and Gold Hallmarked Jewellery as part of our ‘Mi-NI’ Jewellery Collection.

A silent sentinel, Scrabo Tower stands guard over the whole of North Down and is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known landmarks, boasting spectacular vistas; especially, if you are there when the tower is open to the public and you can climb the 122 steps to the viewing platform.

Designed by Charles Lanyon and WH Lynn, Scrabo Tower was built in 1857 as a memorial to Charles William Vane Stewart, the third Marquis of Londonderry.  

The name Scrabo is said to come from the Gaelic words for a cow pasture. Scrabo became part of the monastic estate of the Dominicans and was held by them until the dissolution of the monasteries. In 1675 it was referred to as 'Scrabo Hill's or 'Wilson's Land'.

Universal Pictures filmed several scenes of Dracula Untold at Scrabo Country Park and the beautiful surroundings of Killynether Wood.

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