Dark Hedges Etched Necklace

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Here at NI Silver we are always looking for new pieces of jewellery to create and our ‘Dark Hedges Etched Necklace – Jewellery inspired by nature’ is part of a collection which started with a commission by the Dark Hedges Preservation Trust.

This necklace is approx 1.8cm in diameter, without the hoop, and is 0.4cm width.

We have made a few different versions of the design and this necklace has the etched back, which adds a 3-D feel and also allows the ‘trees’ on the front to cast their own shadows.

Our jewellery maker Ruth McEwan-Lyon loves these pieces and says ‘the etching process always creates a different affect, so no two pieces are actually the same’.

The words ‘The Dark Hedges’ are engraved across the top but should you want these to be personalised please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can discuss the commission process and estimated costs involved.

These pieces are made out of solid 925 sterling silver and are hallmarked with Ruth’s silversmith mark.  The hallmarking process entails us sending our jewellery to the Assay where they confirm the grade of silver used and then either stamp or laser engrave the hallmark onto each piece.  This all takes time and so please advice us if you need your pieces in a hurry.

If you want more information on the Dark Hedges, please look at the links below.