Collection: Devenish Tower Silver Jewellery

Our Devenish Tower silver jewellery is part of our ‘Mi-NI’ Collection of silver jewellery pieces for each of Northern Ireland’s Six Counties.

The Devenish Tower jewellery is one of our smallest pieces of jewellery, is really delicate and a great talking point.

As you sail over the rippling waters of Lower Lough Erne and catch sight of the round tower of Devenish Island, standing tall for centuries over the ruins of one of the finest monastic settlements in Ireland, you’ll know that you are in a very spiritual place.

The name Devenish comes from the Irish Daimhinis, meaning ‘Ox Island’.

A site of quiet reflection and prayer, St. Molaise established the monastery in the sixth century, along one of the pilgrim routes to Croagh Patrick, in Co. Mayo. The settlement became a centre of scholarship and learning for 1000 years.

In 650 AD, the poet Cuimin of Conor described Devenish as a ‘house of hospitality for everyone in Erin’, a place where sacred manuscripts were continually copied and illuminated. 

The 12th century tower was used to alert the monks to the approach of Viking raiders, coming to plunder the religious riches housed on the island.

However, it was still raided repeatedly and the settlement was burned in 1157 - and a local king’s son was killed by his kinsmen in the round tower in 1176.

The stunning round tower stands at about 26.50 metres, has a diameter of about 5.40 metres and still retains its conical cap, though it was rebuilt in 1835, following a storm that blew the roof off.

Even if you can’t take your own pilgrimage to Devenish, you can own your own version of the tower.



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