Wedding Anniversary - Bespoke Jewellery

A beautiful idea for a 25th wedding anniversary gift and we wanted it to help to reflect the specialness of such a celebration.

Our design brief was to consider the infinity symbol and if possible include the 'π' symbol as part of the design if this was possible.

Our designer created 4 options for consideration and it was decided to progress with the silver necklace shown below; our favourite as well.  

We loved the idea that this special 25th wedding anniversary gift could, whilst being a necklace, be a ring and it was this connection back to the original wedding day and the exchange of rings that we liked as well.

The sterling silver necklace is in the shape of a Mobius loop / strip and you could say it is similar in design to the infinity symbol.  However, we loved the power of the Mobius loop in that it only has one side and represents the strong connection of 2 people after 25 years of marriage - quite an achievement. 

We love this bespoke jewellery commission and are sure it will be a lovely surprise for a special lady on the big day.