Albert Clock Necklace

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Our jewellery design of the Prince Albert Memorial Clock Silver Necklace is a stunning Hallmarked wee piece of jewellery.

The necklace is approximately 1.5cm tall by 0.5cm wide.

We can provide the Silver necklace on differing lengths of chain, so please select your preferred length.

The real Albert Memorial Clock is 113ft tall and started to lean over almost as soon as it was built in 1865.  The memorial originally cost £2,500 and this money was raised by the public. and was only recently stopped in its travels.  You can find the clock in Queen's Square Belfast

We considered adding an angle to this jewellery piece but decided against it.  The real clock leans over by 1.25 metres.

This solid silver jewellery piece is part of our 'MI-NI' collection, where we are making jewellery to represent the 6 Counties of Northern Ireland.