Shamrock Necklace

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Here is our own version of the famous Shamrock, this is made of Solid Sterling 925 Silver and has a lovely rounded shape.  A quality design and Hallmarked by the Assay Office with our own Goldsmiths 'mark'.

So why not own your very own Shamrock made by Northern Ireland jewellery designer Ruth McEwan-Lyon, as perhaps a memory of your visit here or as a gift for your special person.

Ruth created our Irish Shamrock necklace by first carving out the shape from a block of wax and below is a photograph of the Shamrock nearly completed but still with some rough edges.  This process takes a while and once Ruth is happy with the wax carving it is then cast to create a mold for the silver to be poured into.

Wax carving of NI Silver's Shamrock necklace next to a 10 pence to show that they are the same size.

Our Shamrock necklace measures approximately 2cm across by 2cm tall, to the base of the hoop, about a UK 10 pence piece size, and 4mm thick.  We can offer you differing lengths of chain and these can be selected during the checkout process.