Stag Antler Necklace

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Our Stag antler necklace is a marvelous creation in sterling 925 silver.  Inspired by the giant set of Irish Elk antlers on display at Hillsborough Castle, this piece of jewellery is approximately 5.5cm across the antlers.

The shape and style of this necklace shines for all to see and attaching the sterling silver chain to each end of the antlers leaves a lovely gap to allow the necklace to be worn with no distracting chain line between the antlers.

This Stag antler necklace is part of our wider Stag collection and a matching sized brooch compliments it perfectly.

We have also made a smaller 4cm Stag pendant and brooch, so you can also purchase 'junior' as well as the leader of herd.

We are also creating other designs using this design, so if you need a Stag to hang around your favourite bottle then get in touch with us.